Tobacco Pipe Lighters

If you need a lighter for a tobacco pipe then you've come to the right place.  Victory Pipes' wide selection of premium pipe lighters offers pipe smokers great choices at low discount prices. Tobacco pipe lighters differ from cigar lighters because the latter use a more intense flame called a torch.  Torches (in single, double or triple flame configurations) are great for lighting cigars but should not be used on smoking pipes, which require a soft flame to avoid damaging the pipe's briar.  Of course, all the lighters we sell are fully adjustable so you can set the flame at your preferred height.  It is important that you fill your butane lighter with a good quality butane (near zero impurities) or you risk diminishing its performance.

Ignition in a pipe lighter can be electronic or manual.  Electronic pipe lighters use piezoelectric current to initiate a spark when the plunger is depressed; this is the height of modern convenience.  "Old-school" or vintage model pipe lighters use flints.  The user spins the striker with their thumb, causing the spark to ignite the gas.  The flints do need to be replaced periodically unlike the electronic ignition lighters which don't require any parts to be replaced.

Our pipe lighters are built to last with quality craftsmanship and excellent materials.    And some smoking pipe lighters have nifty accessories built-in, such as pipe tools.  There are lots of choices in finish, colour and flame pattern but all have one thing in common:  they are elegant accessories for the discerning man or woman.  Whether you select a modern or classic pocket pipe lighter you can be certain that it will provide you with many years of reliable service.


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