Pipe Smoker's Ashtrays

Victory Pipes has a wide selection of ceramic, steel, wooden, crystal or glass models of pipe ashtrays.  Whichever ashtray you choose, you'll enjoy many years of satisfaction.  For the best quality and low, discount prices on pipe ashtrays shop online today.  Pipe ashtrays come in a variety of materials, with porcelain, ceramic or glass being the most popular.  They also have interesting finishes including chrome, paint or decorative decals.  Some have unique characteristics that lend themselves to different application.  Pipe smokers appreciate ashtrays with built in cork "knockers" that allow the user to tap the pipe gently to loosen the pipe dottle.  Peterson Pipes of Ireland have several ceramic versions of this type of pipe ashtray; so does Brigham Pipes.  We especially like smoking pipe asthtrays that have built in tobacco pipe rests as these prevent the briar pipe from being damaged.


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