Tobacco Pipe Filters

Victory Pipes offers the best selection of tobacco smoking pipe filters sold online in Canada. Browse our selection & order today! Choose from 9mm filters, Brigham rock Maple pipe inserts or Medico pipe filters. Call for information 905-443-0193 or toll-free 1-855-443-0194 during regular business hours.

Most tobacco pipe filters reside in the stem; this requires the stem (usually the plastic piece) and shank (the extension from the pipe bowl) to be pulled apart.  It is important to wait until your pipe cools before disassembling it.  The stem of your tobacco pipe should usually be twisted and pulled off the shank along the stem's long axis; this will assure you don't break the pipe.  Pipes that use filters include some Peterson (9mm), some Lorenzetti (9mm), some Stanwell (9mm), some Rattray's (9mm), many corncob pipes (Medico filters) and Brigham pipes (Maple inserts).  Savinelli pipes use a proprietary triangular insert in some of its pipes.  Using a pipe filter in a tobacco smoking pipe is an option in most cases.  9mm filters contain charcoal and will only last a few uses.  Medico paper filters can gum up after you've smoked your pipe but because they are extremely inexpensive it's not a big deal to change them.   Lastly, Brigham filters can be rinsed under warm water and reused.  Happy pipe smoking!


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