Savinelli Pipes

We have Savinelli smoking pipes available at Victory Cigars online. Each Savinelli tobacco pipe is made from genuine Italian briar using old world craftsmanship. In the words of the company, “Welcome to the world of Savinelli – a world of personal experience – a world where, through the pipe, you can use all your five senses. Hold your pipe in hand and feel the wood warm up … Listen to the crackling of the tobacco as it burns … Watch a wonderful object come to life … Breathe the aroma of fragrant tobacco … Taste a little piece of heaven!

The most important thing that you should know is that all Savinelli tobacco pipes are rigorously hand crafted: it is not possible to mass-produce fine pipes, at least not Savinelli briar pipes; each one is crafted piece by piece, just like fine jewelry. Buy a Savinelli pipe and see why legions of pipe smokers rank this pipe brand among the world’s best. Shop online today for the best selection; if you have questions about Savinelli tobacco pipes call us toll-free at 1-855-443-0194.

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