Tobacco Pipe Cleaning Tools

Victory Pipes offers the best selection of tobacco pipe cleaners & pipe cleaning tools for tobacco pipes sold online in Canada. Make sure you have a good supply of pipe cleaners and a tobacco pipe reamer; they will extend the life of your best briar pipes! Order yours today – call 905-443-0193 or toll-free 1-855-443-0194 during regular business hours.

Regular cleaning of your tobacco smoking pipe is critical; optimally, your briar pipe should be cleaned after every use.  We have polled our experts and they all agree that prevention is the key; if you don't clean your smoking pipe regularly it will cake up and you'll have to send it out to a professional for refurbishment.  Once the bowl cools the pipe and stem can be disassembled and the individual parts cleaned.  A pipe cleaner soaked in alcohol is the choice for many people; clean the pipe stem and pipe bowl with moistened pipe cleaners until there is not much residue coming out.  You may find yourself using half a dozen pipe cleaners or more per cleaning; this is normal.  One of our customers prefers to use amber rum in place of alcohol for cleaning; he feels this leaves the pipe tasting sweeter than regular alcohol (which can leave a medicinal taste).  Take the time to practice good smoking pipe maintenance and perform pipe cleaning regularly.  A properly cleaned tobacco pipe will last you a lifetime and provide endless comfort.


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