Pipe Tools

Shop Victory Pipes online store for great prices and a good selection of smoking pipe tools.  Choose from pipe tampers, bowl reamers and more; if you have questions you can call toll-free at 1-855-443-0194.

Most tobacco pipe tools are like pocket knives and have several pieces folded away.  The most popular elements in the folding pipe tools are a pipe tamper, bowl reamer and stem pick.  We have several of these tobacco pipe all-in-one tools available with a range of colours. In fact, there are smoking pipe multitools made by several of the big companies so you'll have lots of choice.  If you have a big cleaning job to undertake then you might need an adjustable tobacco pipe reamer, which allows you to adjust the tool for different pipe bowls.  There are also pipe brushes for pipe stems needing more than an average level of cleaning.  Lastly, some of the pipe tools are craftily built and the individual tools nest inside one another.


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