Pipe Tobacco Humidification

Victory Cigars has the best selection and lowest prices on tobacco humidifiers and humidity controls.  Properly humidified pipe tobacco lasts longer and smokes better than pipe tobacco that is not humidified..

Many tobacco pipe smokers keep pipe tobacco in a pipe jar.  It is important not to forget about maintaining proper humidity in the tobacco jar as tobacco can dry out.  Most tobacco jars use some type of passive humidity control to keep pipe tobacco fresh; this usually involves putting distilled water into a humidifier to add moisture. Alternatively, you may use humidor beads or crystal gel jars to humidify your pipe tobacco.  As well, there are some active humidification units that use power to humidify larger tobacco humidors; Cigar Oasis is one of the better known brands.

Humidity in your tobacco humidor is measured by a hygrometer.  Choose from digital hygrometers, analog hygrometers or combination temperature and humidity gauges.   Hygrometers can be calibrated with a salt test or by using a calibration pack like those sold by Boveda and Humidipak.  Buy your pipe tobacco humidification devices and gauges from the wide selection in Victory Pipes' online store and take the guesswork out of humidor maintenance.


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