Peterson Silver Polishing Cloth


When silver begins to discolor, simply wipe it away and return the cloth to storage.


How do you keep your Peterson Pipe looking in peak form? Simply use a Peterson Silver Polishing cloth and you’ll be the envy of your brothers and sisters of the briar. Read on to discover what makes these cloths so handy. Each package contains one Peterson Silver Polishing cloth. Each cloth is approximately 11cm x 11cm.

Silver at Peterson

The folks at Peterson are familiar with the importance of silver presentation. They’ve been making pipes for more than 150 years, and world-class silverwork is a defining characteristic of their signature House Style, permeating their extensive portfolio since the beginning. Their silver accent bands, army and spigot mounts, and rim caps evolve from a lengthy training process in which experienced craftsmen individually mentor and train rising smiths in adorning Peterson pipes with precious metals.

How to Maintain Lustrous Silver

Pure silver does not tarnish, but pure silver is too soft to be of use. Silver fitments are composed of an alloy in which different metals, primarily copper, are mixed with the silver to provide strength and stabilization. Hence, the .925 stamp designates a 7.5 percent makeup of non-silver metals. Tarnish is therefore inevitable, but with regular light care it’s easily dispensed with, especially with the efficient formulation of tarnish remover impregnating the Peterson Polishing Cloth.

Simply burnish the silver with the cloth, which will absorb the oxidation from the silver and itself become darker as the impurities migrate from silver to cloth. It’s best to use a corner or section of the cloth for each use, then move on to another section as it turns dark, thereby utilizing clean sections for each use.

How to polish and maintain sterling silver on Peterson Pipes

A polishing cloth is superior to brushes or home-brewed baking-soda mixtures because it does not scratch and dull the silver with abrasives. The cloth should last approximately two years before it requires replacement, depending, of course, on how many Peterson pipes you have and how much polishing you do. The best indication that it’s time for a new cloth is the formation of fabric “pills,” those small balls of fabric that accumulate on clothing or blankets, for example, after prolonged use.

The Peterson Polishing Cloth is impregnated with polishing compound on both sides, so you have twice the polishing potential, and is made of microfibre rather than regular cloth. Microfibre is superior for its resilience and softer, safer texture. The cloth removes oxidation, returns the silver to its original high sheen, and leaves behind tarnish inhibitors to slow the return of discoloration. For best results, keep the cloth stored in an airtight plastic bag to retain the polishing compound and extend its life and efficiency.

When silver begins to discolor, simply wipe it away and return the cloth to storage. Your Peterson silver will be maintained in gleaming condition and exhibit the stunning visual attractiveness that Peterson pipes are famous for.

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Weight .004 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × .7 cm