Horse Nail Tobacco Pipe Tool


A good adaptation of old school technology.

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A good adaptation of old school technology.  The horse nail has one end that’s a tamper while the other end is great for loosening tobacco after smoking.

Here’s a handy guide to lighting your pipe; it shows why a tamper is important. Lighting a pipe may be done with just about any flame although many prefer something taste neutral such as a butane lighter (not a torch) or a match. Whatever the choice in ignitor, lighting should be done thusly:

  • Move the flame over top of the tobacco in a circular motion to ensure the full top layer is lit. While moving the flame, draw on the pipe using long slow puffs. As you do this, the lit tobacco will rise out of the bowl. This is called the Charring Light.
  • After the charring light, tamp down the tobacco until it is flat again. Do not push so hard that you make it difficult to draw, just enough to even out the top.
  • Using a circular lighting motion and long slow puffs again to relight the pipe. Gently tamp this ash down while puffing and your pipe should be well lit. If not, repeat from step B. Make sure that you light all the tobacco, not just one side. This will help you keep the pipe lit and will avoid overheating one area of the pipe.

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