Corn Cob Pipe – Straight Stem Varnished


The Missouri Meerschaum Legend Straight Stem Pipe is a classic.


Corncob pipes are a piece of American history.   Pioneers showed their “Can-Do” approach in the American wilderness and converted used corn cobs into serviceable pipes.  Throughout the 20th century individuals such as General Douglas MacArthur found comfort in their corn cob pipe.

The Missouri Meerschaum Company is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of corn cob pipes.  Individual corn cobs are dried for three years, then crafted into the final product.  Pipes have a clear and black stem, sometimes coloured.  There is usually a paper filter in the stem, and the stems come in straight or bent.  With proper care you can get years of enjoyment from a corn cob pipe; they’re also excellent for people who want to try an inexpensive pipe before committing to something made from briar.

We can’t promise you exactly how your pipe will look, only whether the stem will be bent or straight, and whether the bowl is varnished or unvarnished.  There is just too much variation in these pipes.  Rest assured, you’ll love the experience (and any young kids will be thrilled to have something for Frosty if you live somewhere that gets snow).

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 17.00 × 6.50 × 5.00 cm