Stanwell Pipes

Victory Pipes online store has top quality Danish smoking pipes by Stanwell.  Buy one today and treat yourself to one of the finest briar tobacco pipes that money can buy.  Stanwell pipes were born out of necessity but have survived because of their quality.  In 1942 a smoking pipe production from Danish beech was set up in a small town on Zealand.  Because of the war it was impossible to import briar pipes from the traditional suppliers in England and France; this was the start of Stanwell of Denmark.

Stanwell tobacco pipes have a reputation of excellence for their briar pipes and the pipe smoking experience you get from Stanwell is top notch.  Many Stanwell pipe shapes are classic, treasured worldwide by pipe smokers and tobacco pipe collectors.  Stanwell has achieved a combination of style and quality which gives each pipe its own character. Stanwell of Denmark is not a traditonal pipe factory; rather, it's an assembly of the best Danish tobacco pipe makers who proudly create the best smoking pipes every day.

For the best selection and great prices on Stanwell pipes shop Victory Pipes online store.  If you have questions about Stanwell tobacco smoking pipes call our toll free number 1-855-443-0194.


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