Capri Pipes

We have great prices and the best selection of Capri tobacco smoking pipes.  Shop Victory Pipes online today and get your own church warden pipe!  Capri are makers of fine Italian briar tobacco pipes; they are especially known for their church warden pipes which come in three styles (Warlock, Headmaster and Wizard) with three shape configurations.  Capri churchwarden pipes are wonderful conversation pieces as well as being extremely practical.  The long stem on a churchwarden tobacco pipe helps cool the tobacco smoke.  The long pipe stem also keeps the pipe bowl out of the line of vision, allowing for a comfortable read whilst smoking.  Practicality aside, churchwarden smoking pipes are just darn cool, especially given the popularity of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.  The movie adaptations of Tolkien's books showed us characters who have enjoyed church warden tobacco pipes for a long time.  Buy your Capri tobacco pipe today or call 1-855-443-0194 if you have questions.


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