Butz Choquin Pipes

Shop Victory Pipes online store for best prices on Butz Choquin tobacco smoking pipes.  Butz-Choquin is a French maker of smoking pipes. It was founded in 1858 by tobacconist Jean-baptiste Choquin and Gustave Butz.  Unique styling and a great flair for design are some of the hallmarks of these tobacco pipe makers.  Butz-Choquin's first smoking pipe, the Choquin pipe, was a curved tobacco pipe with a flat-bottomed bowl, albatross bone shank, and dual silver rings. The company currently produces over 70 different series of tobacco smoking pipes. Butz-Choquin pipes have only been readily available in North America since 1999; you can get yours today by shopping at Victory Pipes online!  Call 1-855-443-0194 for information.


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