MacBaren Original Choice Pipe Tobacco


Burley, Cavendish, Virginia. Mild, low tongue bite; appeals to novice smokers.

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Original Choice is a revolutionary new pipe tobacco which will appeal to the “novice” pipe smoker, the younger generation, and pipe smokers who like a mellow and sweet smoke. It has a smooth, sweet taste, and the best part for the new pipe smoker is that it is less likely to burn your tongue. Many new pipe smokers like a soft, sweet tobacco, but have a hard time finding one that doesn’t hurt their tongue. Original Choice solves that problem.

The taste experience comes from selected Virginia tobaccos, which add a natural sweetness to the blend. Then they add the modern MacBaren Cavendish to give it a light, sweet taste with just the slightest hint of tanginess. To round out the taste, they complete the blend with a touch of air-cured Burley tobacco.

Numerous smokers have already given Original Choice their approval and have already made it their first choice. It’s a tobacco that is easy to tamp, burns excellently and gives the pipe smoker a pleasurable experience.  50g Tin. Note: these are now shipping in plain packaging.

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