Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop Pipe Tobacco


A Burley and Virginia blend with just a touch of Perique.

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Haunted Bookshop is another of the late Bob Runowski’s blends, named in honour of the famous novel written by Christopher Morley. Haunted Bookshop’s robust Burley taste has been elevated by a smidgen of Perique and a delicate touch of Virginia. A Burley and Virginia blend with just a touch of Perique. Haunted Bookshop is sweet and heavy, with a nicotine kick and pungent room note.  As is the case with most Burley blends, Haunted Bookshop is an extremely cool burning smoke with no bite to it. Size: 50g Note: now shipping in plain packaging.

About C&D Burley Blend Pipe Tobaccos

Burley tobaccos were very popular in early American blends and saw their peak usage occur between the 1930’s to the mid-1960’s. While this mainstay of mixtures is grown in such far-flung locations as Brazil, Thailand and Malawi, and as close as the states of KY, TN, PA, MD, WI, IN, OH, SC and NC, the Burleys of choice for Cornell and Diehl are grown mainly in Kentucky and Tennessee.

As a general rule, Burleys have the lowest natural sugar content of all tobaccos but also tend to have higher nicotine content than, say, Virginias or Orientals. Burleys lend themselves particularly well for mixing, and, due to their low sugar content, are remarkably absorbent when flavours are added. It is precisely for the preceding reasons that black Cavendish is made from Burley and most Cavendish bases for aromatics contain a high percentage of Burley. In addition to the above attributes, a well-made Burley can make for a dandy smoke on its own: cool, easy on the palate, and delivering a remarkably pleasant room note.

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