Peterson Short Smooth Shape 268 Tobacco Pipe


Short smooth is paired to a jet-black vulcanite straight stem and a broad sterling silver band. 

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Featuring a subtle, one-eighth bend, a forward-canted Dublin bowl, and a gentle transition, this is Peterson’s signature take on the classic — though often overlooked — Zulu or Yachtsman shape. True to their House Style, this version is a bit more muscular and robust than the traditional French or English archetypes.

Length 115mm
Weight 27g
Bowl Height 47mm
Bowl Width 32mm
Chamber Depth 36mm
Chamber Width 19mm
Stem Material Vulcanite
Filter None
Shape Zulu
Finish Smooth
Material Briar

About the Series

The brainchild of Glen Whelan, Director of Sales, the Short line transforms a number of Peterson’s Classic range shapes, cutting back the length of both the stem and the shank to achieve a more compact presentation. Though not quite nosewarmer in length, the abbreviated style hearkens back to early 20th-century pipe design, making for a vintage, antique aesthetic that reinforces Peterson’s signature House Style. Here in the Smooth finish, each pipe is hand stamped and adorned with a broad silver band.

About the Range

Created with more experienced smokers and collectors in mind, Peterson’s Premium Classic range elevates their Classic lines with the inclusion of bright, sterling silver fitments, shaped and applied by the hands of their most experienced silversmiths. Having undergone traditional five-to-eight-year apprenticeships under a senior craftsman, Peterson’s smiths are among the most talented in the world, each having engineered his own mandrel to the extent that each metal fitment is imprinted with the subtle, personal style of the one who machined it.

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