Peterson Aran Rusticated Tobacco Pipe Shape 999


The Aran Rusticated has a rugged, masculine look.

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The Peterson Aran Rusticated Tobacco Pipe Shape 999 is one of Peterson’s most popular shapes. This signature Rhodesian practically embodies their iconic House Style, featuring a low-slung disposition, a thick, sturdy shank, and a squat bowl, complete with crisp beadlines below the rim and an easy bend.

Length 146mm
Weight 53g
Bowl Height 39mm
Bowl Width 44mm
Chamber Depth 33mm
Chamber Width 21mm
Stem Material Vulcanite
Filter None
Shape Rhodesian
Finish Rusticated
Material Briar

About the Series

First appearing in 1965, the Aran has since become a staple of Peterson’s Classic range, offering a variety of traditional, non-System Peterson shapes at an accessible price. The Aran Rusticated adds a rugged, masculine look to the series, distinguished by its craggy, hand-carved rustication and earthy walnut stain.

About the Range

Since Peterson’s inception, they’ve offered a range of specific tiers suited to their customers’ tastes and price requirements. Their Classic range represents non-System pipes crafted for the Everyman, unique and timeless designs that capture their House Style and quality craftsmanship at a price any smoker can enjoy. Rather than relegating production to one or two lines, Peterson offers a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes among these entry-level series, including traditional navy mounts (flush-fitting stems), P-Lip mouthpieces, and army mounts.

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