Nørding Tobacco Smoking Pipe Extra 2-3


The difference between “Ordinary” and “Extraordinary” is that little Extra …

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The difference between “Ordinary” and “Extraordinary” is that little Extra … Introducing the Nørding Tobacco Smoking Pipe Extra 2-3

Nature creates some of the most magnificent and amazing patterns which has inspired Erik Nørding for this line of pipes. As a result the rings have been made of Natural materials like Bamboo, Palm, large nuts and seeds from tropical plants. For the finish of the briarwood he uses a large spectrum of colours from matte to more glossy surfaces. Nørding wanted a strong contrast between the accent and the briarwood, giving the pipes that little Extra …

Nørding Extra are classified in three groups, depending on the graining; the briar with the finest grain goes to Extra #1. Each pipe comes in a branded cloth bag. No two pipes in the Extra series are exactly alike; the pipe you see is the pipe you get. Silver stand not included.


Bowl Height (Outside) 2.2” / 55mm
Bowl Width (Outside) 1.6” / 40mm
Pipe Length 5.6” / 142mm
Chamber Depth 1.6” / 40mm
Chamber Diameter .7” / 18mm
Pipe Weight 43g
Pipe Shape Freehand
Stem Shape Slight Bend
Filter No
Shape Number EX2-3
Bowl Material Briar
Stem Material Acrylic
Finish Smooth
Country Denmark

About Nørding Pipes

Nørding Pipes is the brainchild of Denmark’s Erik Nørding. What started as a passionate hobby in the late 1950s has since evolved into a multi-generational family-driven business. Erik Nørding turned 80 in 2019 and has been making pipes professionally for more than 55 years. Erik is still very much involved in the business and he still produces a few handmade high-grade pipes on his own. Knud Nørding – Erik’s son – is managing the sales and marketing worldwide. The third generation and Knud’s son, Victor, is involved in the sales and marketing activities along with Margarita Nørding, Knud’s wife.

Nørding is a family-owned pipe factory located just outside of Copenhagen in Denmark. They aim to produce uniquely beautiful pipes to give you that fantastic and unforgettable smoking experience over and over again. Innovation, quality, and passion are key components in their daily work to make a Nørding pipe your next choice.

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