Falcon Tobacco Pipe Replacement Bowl – Plymouth


This Falcon Tobacco Pipe Replacement Bowl will work on any Falcon system pipe. Plymouth shape.

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This is a replacement bowl for a Falcon Tobacco Pipe. The only thing we can guarantee is the shape is a Plymouth; the finish (smooth or sandblast) and colour comes to us at the discretion of the manufacturer. However, you can be sure that your Falcon Tobacco Pipe Replacement Bowl will be made of good quality European briar.

About Falcon Tobacco Pipes

The Falcon Standard Tobacco Pipe was introduced over seventy years ago. Today, it is the largest selling brand in the world. The reason for this success is the Falcon System, which represents the best that can be achieved by a partnership of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. These pipes are proudly manufactured in the UK.

Falcon was the first manufacturer to apply scientific principles and precision engineering to pipe design, so creating a revolutionary system which produces a cooler, smoother, cleaner smoke. This is achieved in several stages:

  • The central plug allows the right amount of smoke (but no tobacco) to pass through;
  • The special aluminum humidome cools the smoke by condensation;
  • The “goo” is trapped below the stem line to give a clean smoke;
  • The central cooling tube is made from aluminum only .008″ thick yet incredibly strong.
  • The bowl structure is very economical, allowing you to smoke your tobacco down to the last shred;
  • The overall system allows the smoke to be cooled still further before reaching the sealed mouthpiece.

Lastly, pipe smokers know that the bowl is the heart of a good pipe. Only the finest Mediterranean briar is used for all bowls from Falcon. The unique 4-start thread on the bowl enables it to be removed from the stem in one quarter turn.

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