Acadian 7-dot Pipe Shape 84


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Known as Acadians in Nova Scotia in the north and Cajuns in Louisiana in the south, this French speaking culture has protected its original heritage and way of life in spite of centuries of change. The natural stain of Brigham's most prestigious series invokes the down-to-earth, rich and honest culture of the Acadian people.

This pipe uses the Brigham System, a filter developed in response to a common complaint of pipe smokers – tongue bite. To eliminate this burning sensation (created by the tars and acids of the burning tobacco, especially in wet and aromatic blends), Brigham uses a natural, untreated Rock Maple filter.

This pipe is part of Brigham's 700 series and is a very fine pipe.  It comes with the following features:

  • Single inset brass "B" in stem
  • Natural stain with matte finish
  • Highest grade of briar
  • Black acrylic stem
  • Stamped with "Acadian" plus shape code
  • Available in 12 different shapes

This particular pipe is shape 84, the most popular profile in Brigham's offerings.

Weight: 38g Length: 6.5"

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