Rattray's Pipes

Choose a Rattray's Tobacco Pipe and you can be sure your briar pipe will be top quality!  Victory Pipes online sells some of the best Rattray pipes in Canada.  These pipes have a history that spans over a century.  In 1911 the skilled tobacco blender Charles Rattray made his dream come true and took over a tobacco shop in the old Scottish capital Perth. In no time the store became the top adress for pipe tobacco enthusiasts in the city. In his small pipe tobacco factory he blended exquisite specialities for Gentlemen. Later he expanded his portfolio and offered his customers custom tobacco pipes. Today, Rattray's Tobacco Pipes are made from the finest quality Italian briars and are available in many classic shapes. They are crafted with all the care and know-how of the world´s oldest smoking pipe companies.  Buy a Rattray's pipe today and benefit from over one hundred years of old world pipe craftsmanship.  If you have questions about Rattray's Scottish Tobacco Pipes call us at 1-855-443-0194.


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